Launched in 2019, The MilleniView was created to build connection and discussion within the millennial community, while focusing on a variety of topics relevant to them. If you’re a fellow 20-something interested in politics, movies, gaming or pop culture, this is the site for you.

My name is Zachary Sherry, and I am an emerging content creator with a background in all sorts of creative projects. I love sharing my views on the things I love, and it gives me hope for the future when others from around the world communicate with me about them as well.

I have extensive experience collaborating with other creators writing newsletters, short stories, sketches, podcasts and blog posts. My degree in Theatre Studies has given me a unique perspective on the industry, working on stage as well as off. In addition to my writing resume, I have performed in plays, improv shows, films and web series.

If you wish to collaborate or ask me any question, feel free to contact me at zacharysherry@gmail.com.

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